International shipping


We found the perfect partner for international shipping. is a unique business with discounts upwards to 80% under Fed Ex and other regular carriers. They may even save you money for domestic shipping too. Check out their website to see how it works and calculate what it would cost to ship an Expandacraft to your door or a terminal near you. There is a one time FREE membership too so don't forget to compare that with the paid membership. 

Here are a few box sizes and weights for you to determine your cost. 

1. A 12 ft. set of hulls and riser kit will fit in a box 24X24X57 and weigh 75 lbs
2. two center hull parts fit in a box 12X24X57 and weight is 27 lbs. 
3. two bow/stern parts fit in a box 15X15X57 and weight is 21 lbs. 

Simply add up the parts you need for the craft you want to build and contact to get a shipping quote.