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  • Size matters
  • Canoe with Expandacraft Outriggers and Bimini
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Own an Expandacraft rental biz

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself doing something you actually love to do? Expandacraft owner, Wesley Stevenson, does just that and wants to spread the joy. He makes it easy for other entrepreneurs to get set up as an Expandacraft rental business in their areas. The premise is simple, Expandacraft sets you up with an entire rental fleet of different craft without requiring you to purchase the fleet….


Fwd: Pedal Drive

Work on the pedal drive is going well and even though these photos are of the ugly prototype, you may get an idea of what we plan to have soon. First, THIS IS A PROTOTYPE and not what the end product will look like. This is only a test bed for the components which we plan to use to determine what size and pitch prop is right and if the…


Choose any color

This is your opportunity to have an Expandacraft in almost any color or combination you wish. What are your team colors? We will be starting another production run soon, and if you get your payment in before 10/21 your custom Expandacraft will be ready for you before Christmas.  Our standard colors are, Safety Yellow, John Deere Green, Deep Blue and Desert Sand. 


All about outriggers

So, you want an outrigger on your kayak or canoe. Well, you have some options to consider before ordering the kit or components that are right for you. There are so many options it can be confusing, but here is a good guideline.  1. to stabilize a kayak and add a small motor on one side, you could get away with the minimalist rig. A bow to bow configuration on one side with a single cross tube….


International shipping

  International shipping, you must arrange on your own.  We do not book international shipping for you. See this sheet for box dimensions and weights, or use the Contact Us page to ask for dimensions and weights.   Here are a few box sizes and weights for you to determine your cost.    1. A 12 ft. set of hulls and riser kit will fit in a box 24X24X57 and weigh 75 lbs 2. two…


Meetup and Expandacraft

We at Expandacraft have been teaching basic sailing for years and Meetup.com has helped us grow our business and gain a lot of exposure. You don't know about Meetup? Check out this link to our Meetup page and see what it's all about. This past holiday weekend we took a bunch of boats out to Fort DeSoto state park and hosted a learn to sail workshop for several new sailors. Events like this will…


Online ordering is only for shipping to the continental USA. For international orders, you must arrange your own shipping. Please use Contact Us to describe what you want to order, and we will provide package weights and dimensions. For local pickup in Florida, call 813-810-2554 to order. Dismiss