• Canoe with Expandacraft Outriggers and Bimini
  • New Canoe Connector Kit
  • Canoe outrigger by Rick from RUNNING SPRINGS, CA
  • Wide Glide in a Civic
  • Fwd: Pedal Drive

Sailing lessons

A big part of my business is renting my watercraft and teaching sailing on a few of the most simple sailboats I've created. click here to see schedule: http://www.meetup.com/Learn-to-Sail-SRQ-Bradenton/ It's a great way to show off my product and get paid for my time as well. Here in Florida, you can rent a kayak or SUP from a million places but small sailboat rentals are few and far between. A few…


Expandacraft Origins

This is my first Blog so I’ll just begin at the beginning.   The idea of Expandacraft has a long and winding road which started off as a simple boat which originally used large PVC pipe as a hull with special caps on the end for a Bow and Stern. As it turns out, it’s just as expensive to mold the caps as it is to mold an entire hull section….


Free Hull Plugs

If you already have a set of Expandacraft hulls, we will send you a new set of plugs that are more efficient and simple to install. We just ask that you pay $3.00 for postage. Look on our products page for pictures and more details about the new hull plugs.


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