Expandacraft is made in the USA and ships from the Tampa Bay area. Shipping is not built into the cost of products. Shipping prices are based on distance from Tampa Bay and product weight. Use the Contact Us page to inquire about shipping rates. We will need an exact address and phone to get a quote. If you can pick up at an airport or shipping terminal, let us know as that will save you money on shipping!


For international shipping please go to to arrange your own international shipping. Their prices are up to 80% lower than Fed Ex and other regular carriers. They may even save you money for domestic shipping. Check out their website to see how it works and calculate what it would cost to ship an Expandacraft to your door or a terminal near you. You will need to know weights so consult our downloadable spec sheet. They offer a one time FREE membership too so don't forget to compare that with the paid membership.


Local delivery is available only within 25 miles of the Expandacraft shop for a flat rate of $55.00 U.S. You can also pick up your Expandacraft from our shop (by appointment only) and see where the magic happens.

Tampa Bay Area, FL
United States

Phone: 813-810-2554

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Online ordering is only for shipping to the continental USA. For international orders, go to to set up an account, then use Contact Us to describe what you want to order. For local pickup in Florida, call 813-810-2554 to order. Dismiss