Best boat for the job

So, you want to get out on the water but not sure what configuration of Expandacraft you need…. Well, here are a few guidelines, questions and options.
1. How much weight do you plan to have onboard?
If you're simply wanting a sit on top "kayak style" paddle cat with a small cooler and fishing gear, a standard 12 or 16 will do just fine.
If you plan to have a trolling motor, battery and a bunch of gear, you need to conceder a riser kit or even a tri hull configuration both of which increase the displacement. 
2. What about using Expandacraft hulls as outriggers on a canoe?
This is one of the most popular uses of our modular hull system and for good reason. You can mount a cross tube onto almost any canoe with a simple adaptor kit and basic hand tools. Turn a canoe into a sailboat or a super stable heavy hauler. I've had over 500 lbs. of gear on a 12 foot canoe with our outriggers and the 16 footer can seat 8 adults all while moving at 4 knots with an electric motor.
3. Can I build a…..?
Short answer, YES! I get all kinds of calls and email asking if my product can be used for this or that kind of craft. Sure, go crazy, build a solar powered, quad hulled, 50 foot floating duck blind if you like. "yes, I actually got that question". Expandacraft offers a few basic ready to go watercraft but if you're a crafty person with an idea of the perfect boat for your needs, we can supply the parts.
Well, till the next post, have fun and be safe.

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  1. Just a question : Do you have a set ( beams , pontoons . Low risers ) that will fit a 2016 Hobie Proangler 14 ? How much would a set costs ?

    1. Gus, please call Wesley at 813-810-2554 or look through the Products page. There is a downloadable catalog at the top with pricing, and in the Components drop-down list at the bottom of the Products page.

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