Expandacraft Origins

This is my first Blog so I'll just begin at the beginning.
The idea of Expandacraft has a long and winding road which started off as a simple boat which originally used large PVC pipe as a hull with special caps on the end for a Bow and Stern. As it turns out, it's just as expensive to mold the caps as it is to mold an entire hull section. I then set out to design an efficient hull and make it modular so it could be disassembled quickly and reconfigured into all sorts of multi hull craft. The decision of what to make the parts from started out with a urethane coated foam and/or fiberglass, both cost way too much to produce and quality control was a problem. The decision to go with a Roto-molded plastic part was easy but very expensive. I bit the bullet, invested my life savings and glad to say, its paid off nicely.
The name "Expandacraft" also took a lot of thought and believe me, I went through a lot of names. Transformaran was almost the chosen name. That was for Transform and catamaran or trimaran. Expandacraft was a much better choice.
Well folks, I hope you follow my adventures and I look forward to sharing the latest developments with Expandacraft. Stay tuned for more.

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