Sailing lessons

A big part of my business is renting my watercraft and teaching sailing on a few of the most simple sailboats I've created. click here to see schedule:
It's a great way to show off my product and get paid for my time as well. Here in Florida, you can rent a kayak or SUP from a million places but small sailboat rentals are few and far between. A few marinas have sailing schools but it can be expensive. Expandacraft fits a niche where people can learn to sail on a simple and stable craft in some of the most beautiful locations in the Tampa Bay area. Our fleet is mobile so we can host events in protected bays, State Parks and even sail up to a restaurant for lunch.
This business model has worked well for us and is much more profitable than a kayak rental. If you're an intrepid sort of person and could see yourself operating a business like this, maybe you could be the Expandacraft rental business in your area. The investment and operating costs are relatively low and it's a fun way to make a living too. How much you can make depends on your location and how you get the word out. Additionally, this is a business you can run on the weekends only if you prefer so it doesn't necessarily mean you have to quit your day job. Think of the possibilities and come visit us on one of our adventures and see what's it's like to run an event.
Till then,
Sail on.