Why didn’t I think of shipping with Greyhound years ago? Folks on the west coast will be happy to know I can ship a 16 ft set of hulls to California for under $200 if you pick them up from your local bus station. That’s a good deal over standard shipping rates. One drawback is they won’t ship the 8 foot deck planks but if you’re handy with some basic tools you can make a deck to fit your needs. So, just a heads up for all you who got a more expensive shipping quote in the past. This was one of those things I never considered but glad I finally discovered. Go Greyhound!
Wesley Stevenson

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  1. Hello,

    I want to buy Expandacraft and explain what I need.
    Do you have an email address so I can send a picture?
    Shipping to Germany?

  2. hallo, i call you from germany. is it possible to bye your boats in germany? or is it possible to ship a boat to my adress in germany?
    martin hartung
    rehlingstraße 6a
    D-79100 freiburg

    1. Yes, we have shipped these craft all over the world. Email us with your order and address and we can get a price for you.

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