New Triple Twelve Sailboat

Well here it is, our new standard boat for the rental fleet. What makes this such a good fit for the rental business you ask? Well, for starters, it's so simple and safe that anyone can jump on and figure it out with no risk of capsizing. When compared to  small beach catamarans or outrigger sailing kayaks you'll find Expandacrafts' new triple 12 easier to rig and transport saving time and energy. Add a pedal drive or rowing kit and you can rent it even when there is no wind. Tilt it on it's side, remove the mast box and you can put 6 boats on one 12 foot trailer without having to lift the entire weight of the craft. That's a big deal after a long day on the beach and you don't need to pay a crew when one person can do the job. Another BIG advantage is the price and maintenance. With outrigger sailing kayaks starting around $8000.00 and the number of parts which can break, you'll appreciate the simplicity and at only $2,100.00 for the Expandacraft, you can have an entire rental fleet with a specialized trailer for less than two Hobbie Adventure island trimarans with no trailer at all. Think too about down time if you were to damage a hull. Poke a hole in any of the hulls of a Hobbie and it will sink then you may have to replace the hull. However, with Expandacraft if you were to poke a hole in one of the hull sections, the boat will still float and you only need to replace a $100.00 hull section. Keep an extra  bow and center hull section as insurance and you can swap it out in seconds to get back in business. 

So, add all this up and you may find that Expandacraft makes it possible for you to get into the rental business with a very small investment and be more profitable than with any comparable boat. Now, quit your corporate job, buy a fleet of Expandacraft boats and enjoy sharing the love of sailing wile getting paid!
Wesley Stevenson 

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