New two piece deck

The evolutionary of Expandacraft has brought us to a new multipurpose deck intended for a  6 foot wide 12'9 catamaran or trimaran configuration. Designed for the rental market, this deck serves several purposes and is practically indestructible. It's made of durable Starboard with an aluminum frame underneath so it will withstand the hot sun, salt water and abuse of rental service with little or no effect. 

Each section is 2 feet wide and 7'9 long so it's easy to handle when transporting or storing. That means if you have a small hatchback, you could car top the deck, put the hull parts in the back and have a 6 X 12'9 Trimaran sailboat which goes together in less time that it takes to step the mast of most beach cats on a trailer. 
Expandacraft is dedicated to bringing new ideas forward so you can expand your enjoyment on the water no matter what your needs are.