International shipping


International shipping, you must arrange on your own.  We do not book international shipping for you. See this sheet for box dimensions and weights, or use the Contact Us page to ask for dimensions and weights.

Here are a few box sizes and weights for you to determine your cost. 
1. A 12 ft. set of hulls and riser kit will fit in a box 24X24X57 and weigh 75 lbs
2. two center hull parts fit in a box 12X24X57 and weight is 27 lbs. 
3. two bow/stern parts fit in a box 15X15X57 and weight is 21 lbs. 
We can no longer make international shipping arrangements due to issues involved.  Many of our packages are oversized and subject to Dimensional Weight charges. That means shippers charge more than the actual package weight using a Size Formula (L x W x H) divided by 139. So our of box 24 x 24 x 60 may be charged a dimensional weight of 248.63 pounds, even though the actual box weight is only 75 lbs.