Fwd: Pedal Drive

Work on the pedal drive is going well and even though these photos are of the ugly prototype, you may get an idea of what we plan to have soon. First, THIS IS A PROTOTYPE and not what the end product will look like. This is only a test bed for the components which we plan to use to determine what size and pitch prop is right and if the crank and belt drive will hold up to the punishment. 

When it's all said and done, we plan have the prop mounted on a plunging rudder hanging off the back of the deck. This will allow you to use the thrust of the prop to turn the boat on its on axis. No other pedal drive offers that. Additionally, as you approach a shallow point, you can pull a rope which raises the drive unit up. In fact, you could raise the drive unit just part way up and still have propulsion in the shallows. The nature of a catamaran allows for a shallower drive between the hulls in addition to the unmatched stability. The whole unit will be modular and easily removable for transport and storage. Stay tuned for details as we do more testing then refine the look of our new drive system.