Own an Expandacraft rental biz

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself doing something you actually love to do?

Expandacraft owner, Wesley Stevenson, does just that and wants to spread the joy. He makes it easy for other entrepreneurs to get set up as an Expandacraft rental business in their areas.

The premise is simple, Expandacraft sets you up with an entire rental fleet of different craft without requiring you to purchase the fleet. A lease agreement for the fleet allows you to hold onto your capital so you can start making profit right away. How much profit you ask? Well, that depends on several factors like location, number of craft, and your ability to successfully run your business.

Here are a few key points:

1. With one set of hulls, you can set up an Expandacraft as a sailboat, pedal boat, or whatever the client wants at the time. Less equipment for more rentals. This is especially advantageous on beaches where each craft must have it’s own permit sticker issued by the county which are costly. Yes, the local government wants a slice of the pie, but with Expandacraft it’s a much smaller slice.

2. An Expandacraft rents for more and more often than a kayak or SUP.  No one rents a kayak or SUP when it's windy and larger sailing beach cats are too much of a liability because they tip over easily, but Expandacraft offers stable pedal powered boats and sailboats, which can go through the beach surf with ease. That means you can rent more often.

3. You can earn $$ when rental clients end up buying an Expandacraft. As an Expandacraft rental business, you will certainly encounter people who want to purchase one. We drop ship to clients all over the world, so you don't need to buy and store a bunch of product to make money on the sale.

4. Expandacraft boats are a unique head turner on the beach, and attract much more attention than just another SUP or kayak.

5. Expandacraft will list your rental business on our website to help drive clients your way.