Registering your Expandacraft.

I get this question a lot, How do I register my Expandacraft? Well, it depends on your state rules and if you are using your Expandacraft hulls as an outrigger on another craft or a stand alone watercraft. Simply put, if you are using Expandacraft hulls as an outrigger for any other craft, You register the hull of the main craft, be it a kayak, canoe or home built hull, not the Expandacraft outrigger kit. 

Expandacraft does not sell complete motorized boats, however, we realize that the very nature of our modular design lends itself to endless modification, including adding a motor. 
Most States don't require a registration for small watercraft with no motor, put a motor on it and the game changes. Don't panic, it's a simple process to get an Expandacraft registered, it sometimes just takes the DMV a little while to find the proper forms to get it done. Here is the magic term, (HOME BUILT BOAT). Every State has a provision for home built boats. All you need is a receipt from Expandacraft showing that you purchased boat components, (Not a complete boat), and Presto, you have a home built boat which can be registered in all 50 States. 
I have walked a number of clients through this process and in every case, we were successful. You just have to keep in mind that the registration system is not geared for a modular boat that changes shape. We are actually proud that we are shaking up the system. So, no worries about registering your Expandacraft no matter what configuration you can dream up.