Smallest Outrigger kit we offer

Expandacraft was developed so you could configure the hull parts in a number of ways. That's why the Bow/Stern can connect to a center o part or another Bow/Stern. However, when doing the Bow to Bow set up, you don't have the same connection points as with the center hull part. With the Bow to Bow set up, we provide a 1/4 inch Starboard plate which is riveted to the hull part and to which you can affix a crosstube. Keep in mind, you have a LOT of choices as to how you can mount a Bow to Bow outrigger on your kayak or canoe. Here are just a few.

1. A single mounting plate on the forward Bow section which allows the hull to ride up and down the waves. Works for one sided outriggers or both sides the same. (see photos of yellow sailing kayak and tan canoe)

2. Mounting plates on both ends of the Bow to Bow outrigger as seen on our Beer Sled. (see photo) red hulls with big cooler)

3. Fabricate your own connection any way you see fit. Check out some of the client built connections. (see photos)