Why make a BIG modular boat?

Our 21x8ft Expandacraft modular boat has hit a nerve with a number of people, most LOVE it, but some are haters. I don't get it, Expandacraft is not trying to be a traditional pontoon boat, you're not gonna hang a 250 HP motor on it and pull a skier. No, Expandacraft is intended for those who need a stable platform, lots of space with a minimum of weight and draft. Not to mention, you can put a 21x8ft Expandacraft in the back of a pickup truck or store it all in a small shed, can't do that with a traditional pontoon boat. 

On another note, a side by side comparison of an Expandacraft 20x8ft with a traditional pontoon boat of the same size will show that the higher center of gravity in a traditional pontoon boat will result in far more on deck motion than on an Expandacraft. With a center of gravity about 6 inches above the waterline, an Expandacraft is almost impossible to capsize. You may wash the deck with a wave but the boat will stay upright in almost any wave condition. In conclusion, Expandacraft is an option for many who have need for a easy going, stable and versatile boat. If you want to go 40 MPH with 12 people on-board, Go buy a big tri-toon with a big motor for about $30,000,00 and have a ball.