Shipping an Expandacraft

Shipping is not built into the cost of Expandacraft. In the continental USA, we use either Freight Center (who books with various carriers) or Greyhound bus to ship. The shipping price depends entirely on the shipping destination, number, size, and weight of boxes. No two shipments are alike. We will need your complete address and a phone number in order to get you a shipping quote. Call 813-810-2554 and we will be happy to get a domestic shipping quote for you.

As an example, a 12 foot standard Expandacraft paddlecat going to Texas via Greyhound has cost as little as $130 to ship station to station. The only drawback is that Greyhound shipping can be very, very, very slow as the packages go “space available” in the bus. Note that the SHOP uses Freight Center for shipping when you check out, which is nearly always more expensive than Greyhound. If you buy from the SHOP directly and then decide to go Greyhound for shipping, we can refund the difference. Certain items, like 8 foot aluminum deck planks, cannot go Greyhound because they exceed maximum dimensions. In that case, we must use Freight Center, or to save costs, you can source the long aluminum pieces locally.

International shipping, you must arrange on your own. We do not book international shipping for you. See our Catalog for box dimensions and weights, or use the Contact Us page to ask for dimensions and weights. We used to refer clients to but can no longer make this recommendation due to multiple issues of overcharges based on dimensional weight.