Expandacraft Outrigger Kit on a Hobie 14 Pro Angler (Hobie PA)

In this YouTube video, we show a client-installed a one sided outrigger kit on his Hobie Pro Angler (Hobie PA) kayak. Why put an outrigger and motor on a Hobie PA kayak with peddles you ask? Well, he wants to take his wife out too and doesn’t want to flip the Hobie PA kayak over and lose thousands of dollars of gear. Some people add an Expandacraft outrigger kit to their Hobie PA because they fish 4 miles off shore and when they try to pedal against 3 MPH of current and a 10 MPH headwind, they can’t get back at all. So they add the Expandacraft outrigger kit and put a small motor on their Hobie or other kayak. So, for those who don’t have space for a full sized boat, or they just love kayak fishing, this is a good option. Take a look at our YouTube channel for more Expandacraft outrigger videos and click on (Subscribe) to get updated when we post new videos.