• Using Expandacraft as a dingy
  • Gheenoe with outriggers
  • Smallest Outrigger kit we offer


Expandacraft modular hulls and other components do lend themselves to the (do it your self) kind of person, even if you can buy a ready to go kit. If you are going to build your own deck and crosstubes, here are a few things to conciser.  1. Use 1.5 inch square tubing of 1/8 inch wall thickness at the minimum for Crosstubes. Make sure to get the radiused edge kind. NEVER use…


Registering your Expandacraft.

I get this question a lot, How do I register my Expandacraft? Well, it depends on your state rules and if you are using your Expandacraft hulls as an outrigger on another craft or a stand alone watercraft. Simply put, if you are using Expandacraft hulls as an outrigger for any other craft, You register the hull of the main craft, be it a kayak, canoe or home built hull, not…


Size matters

Size does matter. So you're thinking of an outrigger for your canoe or kayak and you aren't sure what size hull to go with or if you should do one side or two. Well, here's a few guidelines to help you make the right choice.  First, how and where do you plan to use your boat? The farther you go, the heavier your load, the larger your sail, you should increase the…


New Canoe Connector Kit

Here's our new Expandacraft canoe adapter kit that attaches the cross tubes to almost any canoe gunnel. The basic idea is to clamp the two 1/4 inch thick Starboard plates on either side of the canoe to spread the shock load and stress to a larger area. This connector kit is $25.00 per corner with all the stainless bolts and the aluminum mounting bracket. It includes everything you need to…


Own an Expandacraft rental biz

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself doing something you actually love to do? Expandacraft owner, Wesley Stevenson, does just that and wants to spread the joy. He makes it easy for other entrepreneurs to get set up as an Expandacraft rental business in their areas. The premise is simple, Expandacraft sets you up with an entire rental fleet of different craft without requiring you to purchase the fleet….


Fwd: Pedal Drive

Work on the pedal drive is going well and even though these photos are of the ugly prototype, you may get an idea of what we plan to have soon. First, THIS IS A PROTOTYPE and not what the end product will look like. This is only a test bed for the components which we plan to use to determine what size and pitch prop is right and if the…


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