Frequently Asked Questions


Why Expandacraft?


The Expandacraft was designed with a wave piercing bow which has several benefits. Tracking straight through a wave even at an angle is effortless and pitching motion is dampened. Drag in rough water is dramatically reduced compared to a typical kayak. A ridge along the bottom of Expandacraft hull parts also gives lateral resistance making them great for sailing up wind.


How much is shipping?


Shipping is not built into the cost of Expandacraft. We will need your complete address and a phone number in order to get you a shipping quote. Call 813-810-2554.

International shipping, you must arrange on your own. We do not book international shipping for you. See our Catalog for box dimensions and weights, or use the Contact Us page to ask for dimensions and weights.


What are the specs on the hull sections?



  • Center Section 11 lbs
  • Bow/Stern Section 7.5 lbs


  • Each section is 4 ft long
  • Hull width at widest point 10 inches.
  • At waterline, 6 to 8 inches depending on load
  • Draft 3 to 6 inches depending on load


  • Each bow/stern part displaces 40 pounds
  • Each center part displaces 80 pounds
  • The solo 12 can handle a 240 lb load
  • The 16 can take 450 lbs

If you have further questions about specs on the parts, Contact Us and we will email you a document called Technical Specs for Expandacraft Parts.


What are my options for seating?


Expandacraft offers so many options for seating that we leave that part for you to decide.

Depending on how you plan to use your Expandacraft you may choose kayak seat, bench, swivel chair, padded cooler or no seat at all.

If you choose a standard kayak seat you will need to have eye straps installed on the center hulls sections and on the decking as well to snap the hooks onto.

This is not a difficult thing to do but if you want your deck to be perfectly flat with no obstructions there are several options.