About Us

Expandacraft was developed to fill a spot in the recreational watercraft market that was empty until now. Many boats can do a good job in the water and for what they were designed to do. However, a boat which can not only break down to fit in a small car but be assembled into an entirely different craft is something special indeed. With Expandacraft modular components, you configure the boat to fit your needs. You can then reconfigure it as your needs change. It’s simple; one set of hulls can be attached to an unlimited number of options for sail, row, paddle, pedal or a small motor. Whatever you can dream up can be custom ordered. Furthermore, Expandacraft will sell the hull sections alone for those who’d like to tinker and build their own boat.

Where Is Expandacraft Made?

We are proud to say we are made in the USA. All components are manufactured and assembled in Florida and other locations around the country.

Where Did The Design Come From?

The designer is Wesley Stevenson who is an avid multihull sailor and first came up with the design in 2002. Over the years Stevenson has designed and built many boats including a military vessel with a suspension system for high speed with low shock in rough water. The wave piercing bow of the Expandacraft is a carryover from another boat project designed for a stabilized platform for offshore research.

What's Next For Expandacraft?

Development of our pedal drive is underway now and we expect to have it on the market in a few months. This drive system picks up where the competition falls short. There are pedal drives on the market which work well if you have water deep enough to use them. Our new pedal drive will be able to work in water as shallow as 3 inches. Additionally, our drive will use directed thrust which offers much better control over steering especially when moving slowly or stopped. Steering with a rudder requires you to have forward momentum before turning while our design will allow you to turn from standing still. That, along with reverse thrust is a BIG advantage for fishing or navigating through shallow water. With all those advantages, you’d expect to pay more than our competition but we expect to be a value leader as well as a technological leader. Keep an eye out on these pages and on Facebook for more on these developments.