How to purchase your Expandacraft hull parts, kit, or complete craft:

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  1. Know exactly what it is that you actually want to order: The easiest way to discover all the options you have (even with a kit) is to watch as many Youtube videos on our channel as you can. Most every question can be quickly answered by watching the videos, email communication can take some time.  Start with this video if you are brand new to Expandacraft.
  2. To place an order, click on Request a Quote and fill out the required info as well as a list of the hull parts, components, or kit that you wish to purchase. Be specific, please don’t just ask for an outrigger kit, we need to know what size outrigger kit, one sided or two, what color, do you need a connector kit and if so, which kind? You can also order hull parts without a kit or a complete boat as shown on the website. 
  3. We need your full street address to ship/provide shipping quote. We typically use UPS for most shipments but you may wish to use your own shipping account. International shipping must be handled by the buyer, we do not make international shipping arrangements ourselves for a few reasons. Click here to view shipping details.
  4. After you submit your order request form, we will get back to you with a shipping quote and upon your approval, we’ll invoice you via Paypal where you can use a Credit/Debit card or even make monthly payment arrangements. Click here to learn more about interest free Paypal finance options.
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