Expandacraft in the workforce!

Hello everyone,
I just thought I’d share a few photos of a client who uses his Expandacraft wide glide in his business. Even without the Bow/Stern parts on, he still has enough flotation to stand up and use his limb trimmer at the seawall. Some dock builders use Expandacraft to do work under the docks and at water level which is cumbersome to do from a Jon Boat. An added benefit is of course, you can’t break down a Jon Boat and toss it in your truck or trailer with the other tools like you can with Expandacraft.
So, if you know a dock builder or someone who does business on the water, please share this info with them. You’ll be helping out an American manufacture and the businesses who could benefit from the use of our products.
Wesley Stevenson (Inventor/Creator of Expandacraft)

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