Finance your Expandacraft


Have you been wanting to buy an Expandacraft paddlecat, trimaran, or outrigger kit but don’t have the money up front? You still have options! Paypal lets you break up your payments over 6 months with zero interest. Learn how you can finance your Expandacraft purchase by clicking on the following link.

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Expandacraft in the workforce!

Making Money 1

Hello everyone,I just thought I’d share a few photos of a client who uses his Expandacraft wide glide in his business. Even without the Bow/Stern parts on, he still has enough flotation to stand up and use his limb trimmer at the seawall. Some dock builders use Expandacraft to do work under the docks and…

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Choosing the right outrigger for you.

A modular boat with a two-sided outrigger

The most frequently asked question of Expandacraft: What size outrigger do I need? “What size outrigger do I need”? I get that question all the time. Well here is the long answer. So, you want an outrigger on your kayak or canoe. Well, you have some options to consider before ordering the kit or components that…

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Project time


Hello Expandacraft fans,With all this virus craziness going on, it’s the perfect time to get that Expandacraft project you’ve been thinking about done. Expandacraft offers more than just parts, we have a few designs of our own and loads of technical support to help you design your special craft. Give us a call to discuss…

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